Some Vital Details About Horizontal Carousel System

Carousel refers to a goods picking system to enhance storage capacity in the warehouse or manufacturing facility. Shedding the light on a horizontal carousel system, it refers to a chain of bins having shelves backed by an oval track.  Having adjustable shelves, bins could move in both opposite directions. Bins are used for handing items like cans, drums, totes and many others. 

Horizontal carousel system unfolds multiple benefits for the business and provides throughput of 575 lines within an hour. There is more worthwhile information about horizontal carousel systems which you must know to acquire multiple benefits for your business. To accomplish so, read this blog post till the end. 

Horizontal Carousel System

As the name indicates, a horizontal carousel system is a type of automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) refers to a goods-to-person technology which is composed of bins with supporting system of an oval track. These bins contain shelves which could be adjusted considering the inventory amount. 

When many horizontal carousels are combined together then it becomes a workstation which is also called a pod. For facilitating the working of a batch picking system, pods could be integrated with pack-to-light technology and batch pick stations. 

Unique Features of Horizontal Carousel System

Facing various storage challenges in the manufacturing facility, horizontal carousels can be adopted. It will increase the storing capacity and moving heavy loads swiftly will be possible. This storage system has unique features which are discussed below. 

  1. Stacking of Horizontal Carousels 

Stacking of horizontal carousels will help maximize storage capacity. Two to three carousels stacked up on another will allow operators to carry the items from every mezzanine level. This stacking will reduce the workers’ time and effort. Maximum load can be placed in these stacks. Such stacks will be holded by compression weight. This is also useful in using facility space wisely. 

  1. Capacity of Individual Rotation

Another unique feature of the horizontal carousel is that it could rotate individually. It rotates in both directions, clockwise and anticlockwise. The carousels with double and triple stacking in a pod can accelerate item picking speed and reduce storage footprint. To pick the products, oftentimes store bots are also utilized. 

This working style is also advantageous in an inhospitable warehouse environment. An example of this would be a meat packing plant in which the storage area is cold and dark and there is no safety in picking the products.  

  1. Usage in Low Temperature Environment

One of the other special features of horizontal carousels is that they can be used in environments with cold temperatures. Their usage is becoming more common at such places where frozen items are stored. What makes it unique? Not having multiple wear parts is its unique characteristic due to which it could be used in environments with different temperatures. It contains uncomplicated mechanical components but greater in picking heavy items. 

  1. Carousel Parts for Moving Heavy Parts

Horizontal carousel consists of a solo metal plate and heavy steel wheels to carry heavy objects. It has the ability to move big automotive parts as well. It could take up to 29 skids of products which need to be placed in the warehouse. Its casual procedure will be that the carousel will pick up the skids and the fork truck can move the pallets from carousel to shipping. This all reduces the time of delivering products to customers. 

  1. Fire Extinction Feature

There is a need for fire extinction feature in some automated storage and retrieval systems. The requirement is of chemicals like argon and nitrogen to eradicate oxygen from the environment. In vertical carousels, there is a fire extinction system which is installed in the centre of the shelves. Similarly, a fire sprinkler can also be added in between the racks. In the case of horizontal carousel systems, there are fire suppression systems lying in between the faces of the carousels.    

  1. Manual Control

Apart from automatic control, another significant special feature of horizontal carousels is that it could be controlled manually. Operators control it by using hand or foot switches whereby the carousel moves in up, down, right and left direction. Manual control is much appropriate for uncomplicated warehouse environments. If the warehouse management tool is integrated with horizontal carousel software then operators could control the orders by utilizing the method of single picking or batch picking. 

The merit of computer-controlled horizontal carousels could accelerate the picking rate up to 200 lines or even more than that. Achieving this rate is possible because the integrated software helps consolidate orders. This will contribute to order picking having the same items at the same time. 

  1. Inventory Administration with ERP Software

Horizontal carousels with warehouse management software empowers renewal and picking utilizing whatever strategy turns out best for every business. For instance, in certain enterprises, date codes or newness codes are a main concern, and stock should be overseen utilizing a “first in, first out” approach. 

Then again, for different enterprises, a “last in, first out” approach is ideal. The product can be altered with rules suitable for various business difficulties, and it very well may be incorporated with heritage MRP and ERP frameworks. We adopt a genuine software strategy and can plan equipment and programming to meet your business needs.

  1. Increasing Pick Rates

Quick pick rates are achievable when computerized warehouse software advances and incorporate opening and group picking. Opening is the term used to portray how things are actually put away. For greatest effectiveness, the quickest moving things ought to be the most ergonomically available for picking. Commonly, that is 42 to 46 inches high off the floor. Similarly, the slowest moving things ought to be put away in less open areas. 

Once opening is upgraded, cluster picking turns out to be more effective. With cluster picking, normal to numerous orders are arranged and orchestrated in a line so that “group” can be picked. Opening and clump picking are upgraded when flat horizontal carousel equipment and distribution center administration programming are incorporated and modified for your business application.

In Summary

After taking a round of the script, we hope that you will definitely buy it. Make your way to MWI Solutions and have a horizontal carousel system of optimal functionality. 

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